On The Wave is excited to announce the launch of our fully revamped website at onthewave.com. New look. New platform. New way of doing business.

We are approaching online business in a whole new way. We love partnering with clients to nurture and grow their online businesses. Now, with the creation of our new, budgetable service plans, we are able to offer small businesses access to powerful online business features, proven marketing methods, and professional expertise that larger organizations enjoy.

How do we do this? We are able to offer this by building and hosting client websites on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. In addition to a stable, secure, cloud-based foundation for your online business, it also provides a fully-integrated and complete online business management system for you. Everything you need to successfully run your online business – online shop, email marketing, inventory and customer management, reports, business analytics, content management, and much more – is available from one account. With browser-based controls, you can log in and manage your business from virtually anywhere.

Is our new site running on Business Catalyst? Of course! We love the convenience, stability and versatility of our new site, and we can offer these benefits to our clients as well. We will be adding new features to our site regularly -- just like we will help you add to yours. Some of the things on our horizon are training videos and reference materials to help you get the most of your site, and showcase areas where you can check out new design options.

For us, "on the wave" means what it always has meant -- we seek out the next "wave," whether it's fresh new content, a new technology, a new service, style or trend. We research, analyze, test and (if we find it's useful or engaging), we build it, and make it available for your site and customers. And we know what it's like to be at the forefront of innovation ourselves. We've been using, teaching and developing with Business Catalyst since its US debut, and are happy to be able to offer the creative and innovative solutions we've developed to new and existing small business clients.