the on the wave team

We’ve spent a decade and a half assembling a talented group of web builders, designers and other specialists. Our founders have expertise in several areas. And when we need help, we have the contacts to bring the best people in.

  • John Ulliman is On The Wave's founder. Programming computers since the age of 14, John's career began in aerospace, where he worked with cutting edge computer modeling and animation for companies such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. He started his own studio, On The Wave Visual Communications, in the early 1990's, providing 2D and 3D graphics and animations for print, video and the web. He has consulted for many leading firms, including Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, AutoDesk, Nike, Pixar, Razorfish, Yahoo and Google. John continues to teach the latest web building techniques to a new generation of developers.

    John lives in Oakland, California. When he’s not building your website, he’s designing and building computer-controlled quadcopters. Results are mixed.

  • Paula Spiese is On The Wave's Director of Content and Marketing, where she gets to combine her love of creative content with left-brain analytics to help clients develop and carry out winning content and marketing strategies.

    Paula has been a freelance writer and editor for 18 years, ever since authoring her first computer game strategy guide for Prima Games, and has developed web, marketing and technical content for dozens of Bay Area businesses and non-profits. In addition, she's been assisting On The Wave and other organizations with multimedia production since the mid-1990's. She now specializes in digital content management, content development and marketing, and has held positions in publications and marketing management.

otw team players

We currently work with several talented design teams and content creators. You design the site, and we can handle all the BC implementation for you! Do you want to be part of the on the wave team? us

Tommi West is the Creative Director at She is an author, digital media instructor, and freelance web designer. She writes product tutorials, learning guides, and technical documentation for Prior to starting her own business in 2004, she worked at Macromedia for six years as a technical writer, editor, and web producer. Tommi is an Adobe Community Professional and often partners with On The Wave to produce projects.

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